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"Amazing and impressive, he had the audience of 300 captivated. I still can't see how he could have done some of his act.As an organiser he was very personable and easy to work with." - Trevor Leighton, Winery Engineers' Association

"Tweedy's unique and different talents make my magic bar more magical every time he walks through the doors we don't have! He has a gift that no one should pass up the opportunity of seeing!" - Frank Everhart, Frank's Magic Bar (Key West,FL)

"Our employees had nothing but rave reviews for your many tricks, and we believe you are a very talented magician. We hope to be able to feature Nicholas Tweedy at upcoming company events. Thanks again for a truly magical night! Happy New Year!" - Jenna Laughter, Human Resources Manager, Software Earnings, Inc. (SEI)

"We have hired plenty of entertainers for our business meetings but we have never received as many positive compliments as we did after Nick's show. To paraphrase 'That guy was awesome.'" - - Sean Leahy, President, Vantage Group

"Tweedy is the best magician I have seen perform, right in your face with no trick cameras to hide behind, or a big stage to deceive you. He doesn't need the help of fake audience members either. Everything was raw and in your face. I didn't even know the cat and he made my lady's drivers license fly out of her hand. Think it's unbelievable, that is until you see Tweedy perform. A truly gifted person you must see in action." - Abdell, Ancient One Music

"Nick you truly rock, thanks for blowing my mind and making my trip. Might have to meander to mexico next year!" - Jessica McLaughlin (Lovell, ME)

Tweedy was great to work with and always drew large crowds. He's very professional and a consumate showman who always left his audience in complete awe. Tweedy added excelent variety to our program and we definitely plan on having him back. - Patrick R. Conley, Site Manager Beachstreet USA

"He takes his illusions beyond the jagged edge of reality and into a world that few have dared to explore." - Orlando Improv

"I had the privilege of hosting Mr. Nicholas Tweedy at the "Out of the Blue" nightclub/restaurant in Ocean city, August 15-18 2005. Each of his performances were outstanding. The audience was sitting spell-bound the whole time. Both young and old were enchanted by his show." - Daniel Kovacs, Owner, Out of the Blue (Ocean City, Maryland)

"An amazing, guaranteed audience pleaser!" - Frankie Conan, General Manager, Ha Comedy Club (Virginia Beach, Va)

"Let go of what you know to be reality!" - Treasure Island Resort, (Daytona Beach, Florida)

"I saw Nick performing for Beach Events in Va Beach. He did a liquefying spoon trick that truly amazed me and my girlfriend. Thanks for the memories." - Billy Evans (Rocky Mount, NC)

"Yes, please post my testimonials! Your show really kicked ass, it amazed and awed me and I hope to see it again sooner rather than later! It's something I tell everyone about when I tell them about my trip. You are a badass. That show was AMAZING! I can't think of any other word to describe it--you have to see it! After spending a week in Mexico, all I can talk about was how cool Nick's show was! Thanks!" - Jeannine Laible (Michigan)